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UPCOMING EVENTS (be sure to check our calendar)

OCTOBER 3 Educational Meeting: The Alzheimer Epidemic in Southwest Florida.

Dr. Schaerf

Educational Meeting: The Alzheimer Epidemic in Southwest Florida.
What We Need to Know and Do.
Oct. 3, 2015: 9AM-11AM

See flyer for additional information (click here).

According to the State of Florida's Department of Elder Affairs, "In the state of Florida there are 500,000 individuals living with AD. By 2020, it is anticipated that 580,000 individuals will be living with AD. Nearly 12% of Florida senior population has been diagnosed with AD. Many Alzheimer’s patients require care 24 hours a day, especially in the late stages of the disease."

The League of Women Voters of Lee County Florida is sponsoring an Education Program on the Alzheimer Epidemic in Southwest Florida on October 3, 2015, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., at the Landings Yacht and Tennis Cub at the Helm Club, 4420 Flagship Drive, Fort Myers, Florida.

Dr. Frederick W. Schaerf, the Principal Investigator for the Neuropsychiatric Research Center of Southwest Florida, will be discussing Southwest Florida's growing Alzheimer's Epidemic, including what we need to know and do to address this growing health crisis.

RSVP for October 3rd event:

  • by email: Email
  • by telephone: 239-278-1032
  • RSVP and pay for meal in advance using PayPal:

NOVEMBER 7 Educational Meeting: History in the making... Florida Redistricting with The League of Women Voters

P. Goodman, Pres. LWV FLHistory in the making... Florida Redistricting with The League of Women Voters
November 7, 2015: 9AM to 11 AM

Speaker: Pamela Goodman, President League of Women Voters of Florida

Landings Yacht and Tennis Club at the Helm Club
4420 Flagship Drive, Fort Myers Florida

RSVP information below.
Meetings are free and open to the public. Cost for breakfast is $15 (optional).

Deadline for Reservations: November 4th
Public is welcome.

Join the League of Women Voters® of Lee County Florida at this special meeting to discuss Redistricting in Florida. Our guest speaker is Pamela Goodman, President of the League of Women Voters of Florida. Ms. Goodman will be providing us with information on the process and potential for redistricting in Florida.

We are making history and receiving national attention on efforts to ensure fair elections and protecting voting rights. Come join us in a wonderful opportunity to learn about the latest news and implications of our redistricting process.

Who better to provide us information on Redistricting than Pamela Goodman, President of LWV of Florida who has been on the “front line” of the historic redistricting efforts in Florida. She has chaired the Fair Districts campaign statewide for the League, and while in that position, she coordinated all League work during the campaign to secure the passage of the two Fair Districts constitutional amendments. Ms Goodman continues to work with all litigation regarding this issue. (Get .pdf copy of flyer here for printing and sharing.)

Read President Goodman's full bio here.

For more information on Florida Redistricting:

RSVP for the November 7th event:

    • by email: Email
    • by telephone: 239-278-1032
    • RSVP and pay for meal in advance using PayPal:

  • Dec. 5, 2015:        Meet and Greet
  • Jan. 2, 2016:        Lessons from Cuba
  • Feb. 6, 2016:        Program Planning: Environment       
  • Mar. 5, 2016:        Social Policy
  • March 12, 2015    Sunshine Law Workshop
  • Apr. 2, 2016:        Annual Meeting and Taxpayer-Funded Charter Schools
  • May 7, 2016:        Accessing County Information

    2015 September 22: National Voter Registration Day: Amy Wulf and Jim Pelstring manned the table at FGCU today and registered 53 people.I’ve attached their photo.

    2015 Natl Voter Registration Day

    2015 August 27: Voter Registration Event: Toni Monteagudo and Stasia Arcarese

    Registering Voters

    At Florida Southwestern State College

    2015 June 20th: Big Sugar Summit Event

    A thank you to LWV Lee County for participating:  (read the letter here! Links are included in the .pdf of the letter to take you to other sources, including PowerPoint presentations.)

    at Big Sugar Summit
    (click on photo to go to website source and more information)

    Clara Anne Graham, Laura Miller, and Mary Ann Hight were there representing the League of Women Voters of Lee County Florida. (Click photo to see larger version)

    Women Voters Support Sugar Land Purchase: From News Press May 3, 2015 (click here for .pdf of this)

    SWFL Sea Level Rising Summit: Held on May 7th, 2015

    Held at FGCU on May 7th, 2015, it was the first annual SWFL Sea Level Rise Summit, hosted by Florida Coastal & Ocean Coalition and League of Women Voters of Lee County. Clean Water Initiative of FL was one of the event sponsors . (See the Videos)


    The Florida Water and Land Conservation Amendment

    Ballot Title: Water and Land Conservation - Dedicates funds to acquire and restore Florida conservation and recreation lands

    Learn more about this important piece of legislation and how the League is involved here.


    For information on 2015-2016 Elections in Lee County click here


    LWV of Lee County Program 2015-2016—Approved April 4, 2015  (Click here to read .pdf.)


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