Ever wonder why you have suddenly stopped receiving email from some organization/group? Well, here are some ways to address the most likely reason, “SPAM” setting.

Locate your SPAM folder and look to see if email from lwvlee@lwvlee.org is in your SPAM folder. If so, then you need to either remember to check your SPAM folder, or change your SPAM filter settings.

Be sure that you have included lwvlee@lwvlee.org in your address list.

With many of the email services, you can simply move an email from SPAM into your incoming email box in order to change the filter.

Each system has its own methods for setting up SPAM filters and these frequently revert to default settings when they do an upgrade. If the 2 steps noted above do not correct your issue, you will need to contact your email server (gmail, comcast, yahoo, etc.) for support.

Also, if you do not wish to change your SPAM filter settings, there are other options available: