The League of Women Voters invites the public to an educational program on the Bert Harris Act and the environment.  According to Patty Duncan, Director—Environment, League of Women Voters of Lee County Florida:  Dr. Frank Alcock, an associate professor of political science at New College in Sarasota, came to my attention in a Florida Trend News feature regarding environmental issues within the higher education curriculum, sometimes in the form of other subjects such as political science and international law. The article quoted him as teaching students about the Bert Harris Act and the impact it has on cities’ and counties’ inability to protect sensitive environmental areas. As the environmental chair of the League, I thought it important to reach out to him. Fortunately for us, he agreed to come and speak to our group about this Act’s impact on our ability to address environmentally sensitive proposals. Expect a dynamic and dramatic presentation on the politics of the environment.

Dr. Alcock teaches courses on world politics and international law and environmental policy. He is a former director of the Marine Policy Institute at Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota. He appears regularly as a political analyst with ABC News in Sarasota. He hosts a regular tv program on the Manatee Education TV channel. He holds a Ph.D in Political Science from Duke University.

This event has ended