Our Program is a statement of our positions on issues. These positions are reviewed annually and any changes are voted upon by our membership. PDF copies of the current Program and prior years are available below.

LWV of Lee County Program 2017-2018-Approved April 1, 2017


  1. Continue to work cooperatively with the Lee County School System

  2. Support early language and literacy and high quality affordable early education for all children in Lee County.

  3. Support high quality public school education in Lee County with high standards for student achievement, equality of educational opportunity for all, that is financed adequately and equitably, without disparity among individual schools, promotes civics and environmental education; that provides a safe and healthy environment and restricts military recruiting in high schools.

  4. Support school board districts that appropriately represent all Lee County residents.

  5. Support access and resources for higher education for all Lee County residents.


  1. Promote the well being of Lee County residents by ensuring that they have sufficient opportunities to obtain needed physical and mental health services within an economically viable system that assures affordable coverage of persons with pre-existing conditions.. The League supports family planning as an essential component of health care.

  2. The League supports a universal health care system. The League will advocate for more services for low income individuals (clinics and mental Health). We also support the early screening for children with special needs and the expansion of the necessary treatment services.

  3. Continue support of the Lee Health Care System Trauma Center and the Bob Janes Triage Center including initiatives for funding deemed appropriate by the League.

Natural Resources

  1. Promote an environment beneficial to life through the protection and wise management of natural resources in the public interest.

  2. Initiate and support local efforts by our cities and county to improve the environmental quality of our county, including strict compliance with the density requirements of the Lee Plan.

  3. Support environmentally sound policies that reduce energy growth rates, discourage continued use of fossil fuels and encourage the use of renewable fuels, especially solar.

  4. Vigorously discourage fracking in all of Lee County.

  5. Encourage sustainability in all matters related to maintaining the health of the environment in Lee County.

Social Policy

  1. Support and promote adequate funding of programs that enhance the quality of life and the well being of all individuals including children and their families.

  2. Collaborate with organizations that seek delivery of essential human services to all residents of Lee County.


  1. Lobby for National, State and Local legislation.  Such as:  The Voting Rights Act; LWV of Florida 2017 Legislative Priorities for Education, Election Law, Gun Safety, Health Care and Natural Resources; and Conservation 20/20.

  2. Write Letters to the Editor

  3. Join Coalitions with common objectives.

Voter Service/Education

  1. Oversee local program studies

  2. Educate voters on government issues in Lee County Government, including priorities, budgeting, and home rule.

  3. Support Voter Registration

  4. Develop and post a Candidates Citizens’ Guide

  5. Observe Lee County Government entities to promote transparency and to keep community informed.

  6. Conduct Candidate Forums

Resources and Background

LWV Principles http://lwv.org/content/principles-0

Summary of Public Policy Positions http://lwv.org/files/Impact%20on%20Issues%202014-2016%20Positions%20in%20Brief.pdf

Impact on Issues http://lwv.org/content/impact-issues-2014-2016-online-edition

Legislative Action http://lwv.org/content/legislative-action-working-together-influence-public-policy

LWV of Florida 2017 Legislative Priorities http://thefloridavoter.org/issues-2/2017-legislative-priorities/

Study and Action http://thefloridavoter.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/2015_17_Study-Action-Book-FINAL.pdf

Lee County Legislative Delegation (concerns and issues by organization) http://www.leedelegation.com/meeting-packet.html


Printable files of Our Positions (pdf):